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Sign Up

How do I sign up?
It’s easy! Simply call 1-888-222-6185 or fill out the enrollment form at Once we have your information, we will begin processing your prescriptions.​
Can I sign up a friend or family member?
Absolutely! Simply call 1-888-222-6185 or fill out the enrollment form at


Once we have their information, we will call them or their caregiver and begin processing their prescriptions.
Do I need to have new prescriptions sent in when signing up?

No. We make signing up very easy. We can either transfer your prescriptions from your
current pharmacy or we can call your doctor and get your prescriptions.


How long does it take to receive my medication
Our goal is to have your medications to you within 48 hours. This may vary depending on other factors including insurance issues like prior authorizations, physician response time for refills or new prescriptions, medication availability, etc. If there is ever an issue with your order, we will make sure to call you to discuss possible solutions.
Can anyone have their prescriptions filled at Accudose Pharmacy?
Yes! We are a full service pharmacy and can fill prescriptions for any patient. Our pre-sorted medication packs make it convenient for all people especially those taking multiple medications
Can you provide medications to patients in Assisted Living or Independent Living Facilities?
Yes! We can provide medications to residents in both care settings utilizing our packaging system. In addition to our medication packets, our service and customized follow up helps improve the health and safety of the patient keeping them at home and out of the

Rx Management 

What types of prescriptions do you fill?
We are a full service pharmacy and fill all prescriptions including inhalers, eye drops, creams, ointments, insulin and other refrigerated medications, Over-The-Counters (OTC’s) including vitamins and supplements.
We can also fill for certain Specialty Medications and IV antibiotics
Do you fill controlled substances?
Yes, we fill for all controlled prescriptions
Will you fill for PRN (as needed) medications?
Yes! We fill them in prescription vials since they aren’t taken regularly and can be included in your order
Can you fill for refrigerated medications like insulin?
We will deliver your refrigerated medications in an insulated shipping container with an ice pack and it will be shipped overnight or possibly for same day delivery
Will you provide syringes, test strips and pen needles?
We can absolutely fill those supplies for you and will bill your insurance if applicable.
Can you add vitamins to my packets?
Yes! We want to make taking your medications easy and safe whether they are prescription or over-the-counter.
Do you charge for delivery?
We do not charge for delivery and most packages will arrive within two days of being processed.

Refills / Billing / Insurance

Will you call my physician if I am out of refills?
Of course! We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and making sure you or your loved ones receive their medications on time. Managing refills is an important part of ensuring patients are compliant and staying healthy
Will you automatically send my prescriptions each month?
We will automatically refill your prescriptions each month and will call you several days before they are due to be refilled. We want to see if any of your medications have changed since your last refill and to discuss any issues you may be having.
What if my medication is changed during the month?
If a medication is changed by your physician before your next refill, we can fill your new prescription and send enough medication until your next refill is due. This way it can be included with the rest of your medications in the pre-sorted packs for your next refill.


Just let us know and we can either call your physician or your physican’s office can either call, fax, or
electronically prescribe the new prescription.
Does it cost any more to use Accudose Pharmacy?
There is NO additional cost to use Accudose and receive all of the benefits of our pharmacy. Your medications will cost the same as you currently pay at your local pharmacy and delivery is FREE.
Do you accept my insurance?
We accept most major insurance plans including Medicare Part D and Medicaid and your copays will be the
same as you are currently paying.
How do I pay for my copays?
We can place a credit card on file and is stored with highest encryption technology for added security or you can pay by check. Whatever is easiest for you.

Please mail all payments to:

Accudose Pharmacy
685 Boardman-Canfield Rd, Suite 3
Boardman, OH 44512
What if a medication is not covered by my insurance?
We will call you to let you know about the issue and together we can determine if you would like to obtain a prior authorization or have your physician switch medications. Either way, we will handle all of the calls to the insurance company and your physician to
ensure you receive your medications

Pharmacist Availability

Can I speak with the pharmacist?
Absolutely! We encourage all of our patients to call and speak with our pharmacists. We believe in building a long lasting and personal relationship. Please feel free to call 1-888-222-6185 anytime you have questions
Why did you call after I received my order?
We believe in making sure that every patient and/or caregiver understands how to properly take their medications. Studies show that when a patient speaks with a pharmacist about their medications that medication related adverse events are reduced by up to 70%
When is a pharmacist available to speak with me?
Our pharmacists are available Monday -Friday, 9:00AM to 6:00PM, and Saturday, 9:00AM to 1:00PM. We are closed on Sunday. If it is after hours and not an emergency, please feel free to leave a message and we will return your call on the next business day. You can also email us at

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685 Boardman-Canfield Rd.
Suite 3
Boardman, Ohio 44512