Medication Management For Caregivers

Keeping Patients Safe. Keeping Patients Healthy. 

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40% of ALL hospital readmissions are due to medication related issues?

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Let Accudose Pharmacy help reduce the risk of readmission!

Safety First

Making Your Job Easier

Whether you are an in-home caretaker, a nursing home or even just a family member tasked with taking care of a loved one, Accudose Pharmacy can help keep you organized and the patient safe!

We can help you reconcile medications to avoid adverse drug interactions, prevent taking medications improperly, avoid the logistics of picking up the prescriptions and provide you (and your patients) with a better understanding of WHY these medications are necessary and how to take them.

Keeping Your Patients Out Of The Hospital

How Medications Contribute To Readmissions

Why It Happens

Adverse Drug Events and Poor Medication Reconciliation

  • When patients are discharged from the hospital or a long term care setting, many patients do not receive an adequate medication reconciliation 

  • Many times, patients are discharged with inappropriate medications for their disease state and/or age, duplicate therapy, or have  medications that should not be taken together

  • All of these issues can contribute to patients being readmitted to the hospital leading to increased costs

How Accudose Reduces Readmissions

Avoiding Adverse Drug Events and Better Reconciliation

  • Accudose Pharmacy’s specially trained pharmacists will perform medication reconciliation to reduce these occurences and improve patient outcomes

  • Our pharmacists are also trained on medications that are appropriate for geriatric patients and will work  with your physicians, nurses, and care-givers to ensure the best medications are selected

Improperly Taking Medications

  • More than 60% of patients do not take their medications correctly

  • Additionally, approximately 31% of all medications prescribed by their physician are never filled at the pharmacy

  • When patients are receiving multiple medications or have complex drug regimens, the likelihood of confusion increases leading to a patient taking too little or too much of a medication

  • It becomes very difficult for patients and their care-givers to adequately manage and sort their medications

Taking Medications Correctly

  • Our specialized medication packaging system sorts patient medications by time of day reducing the chances for medications to be taken incorrectly

  • Our team follows up with each patient to make sure they are taking their medication correctly and obtaining their refills on time

Transportation and Picking Up Medications

  • Many patients, especially geriatric patients, have difficulty in obtaining transportation to pick up their medication

  • More than 50% of low income patients have challenges in finding transportation

No More Trips To The Pharmacy

  • Patients will receive their medications via home delivery to eliminate any issues regarding transportation.  Delivery is always free of charge.

  • We will also deliver medications directly to care facilities 
  • This ensures continuity of drug therapy

Lack of Understanding

  • More than 70% of patients do not have an adequate understanding of why and how to take their medications

  • This lack of understanding increases with the number of medications prescribed as well as patients get older or being treated for diseases like dementia

Better Understanding

  • Our pharmacists will call each patient to ensure that they are taking their medications appropriately.

  • We will also educate the patients about what to expect and any possible side effects

  • If a patient is having difficulty in understanding their medications during our conversation, we can inform their care-givers if they are in need of help.

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